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Student Resources

Educational Websites (Teacher approved) (EXCELLENT for math)  (ELA) (all subjects)  (all subjects) (animated clips)  (reading)  (multiplication)  (math) (all subjects)  (resources)  (math, L. A.)  (all subjects)  (solar system)   (all subjects)  (internet safety) (government, social studies, money, science)  (ELA, reading, graphic organizers)  (Christmas, math-money, time) 

Activities and Games


123 Sesame Street Games, art, music, stories and more. 
Alfy A plethora of games, activities, and more
Chateau Meddybemps Uncommon amusements for adults and children
Chess Kids Academy 
Count Us In Games to help children learn basic number concepts. Grades: Pre-K-1 
CyberChase Animated adventure television series and multimedia project for children ages 8-11 from PBS. 
Fun Things to Do Dress a bunny. Build a robot. (Drag and create.) Coloring pages. K-2  
Fun with Spot Based on books by Eric Hill; activities, games Games, activities and more
Games and Activities From the Children's Museum of Indianapolis; Excellent site, broken down by grade levels 
It's My Life From PBS 
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Games, activities, more
Pauly's Playhouse Games, activities, more 
Play Kids Games Educational games 
Xpeditions Geographic games and activities from National Geographic  Big Apple History





Animals and Insects


Alaska SeaLife Center Satellite telemetry in rehabilitation and research
Animal Diversity Web An online database of animal natural history, classification, and conservation biology
Animal Planet 
Animals From A-Z A plethora of information in an encyclopedic format
Animaland Encyclopedia, games, humane education, and more
Bat Conservation International 
BoomerWolf All about wolves; information; games; mystery 
Care for Animals From The American Veterinary Medical Association
Cats: Plans for Perfection National Geographic 
Children's Butterfly Site 
CritterCam Chronicles An "animal's-eye-view" from National Geographic 
Dragonfly: Project Dragonfly 
eSkeletons Digitized versions of skeletons in 2-D and 3-D in full color, animations, and more
Frogs: A Chorus of Colors 
The Gator Hole 
Insectlopedia Database, resources, more
Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs Grades: All 
Kid's Planet Fact sheets, games, more 
Kids Go Wild Facts, news, games. From the Wildlife Conservation Society 
National Wildlife Federation: Kid Zone Information, activities, Ranger Rick magazine tie-in
The Nutty Birdwatcher 
Monarch Watch 
PlanetArkive: Learn about living things and their enviornment. Grades: 3-6 
Sounds of the World's Animals 
5 Tigers: The Tiger Information Center 
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Species 
Virtual Frog Dissection 
Wild Birds Unlimited 



Arts and Crafts


American Treasures of the Library of Congress

The Art Zone

The Artist's Toolkit

Cartoonster Online tutorials on how to draw and animate

Crayola Crafts, coloring pages, more

The Imagination Factory Artistic activities using recycled materials

Oriland What origami can be

The Renaissance Connection

The World Wide Art Gallery



Astronomy and Space


Adventures of the Agronauts
Amazing Space 
Astronomy: Our Place in Space An awesome site!
Astronomy for Kids 
Astronomy Picture of the Day 
Ask Dr. Universe Submit your science-related questions and Dr. Universe will search out the answer
Aurora Page 
Basics of Space Flight 
The Constellations and Their Stars 
Earth and Moon Viewer 
Galileo: Journey to Jupiter 
NASA for Kids 
National Air and Space Museum
The Nine Planets
Space Sciences 
Wright Again The Wright Brothers



Authors and Illustrators


Jan Brett Coloring pages, activities, more 
Eric Carle 
Beverly Cleary
Fun with Spot Based on books by Eric Hill; activities, games 
Kristine O'Connell George 
Jenny B. Harris 
Will Hobbs 
Deborah Hopkinson
Brian Jacques 
Lemony Snicket
Little House Books Maps, recipes, trivia, more
Mary E. Lyons 
Magic Tree House Activities, reader's and writer's club, more
Katherine Paterson 
Dav Pilkey 
Thomas the Tank Engine 
David Wiesner





BAM! Body and Mind 
Cells Alive! 
Cool Science for Curious Kids
DNA Interactive Grades: 6 and up; Modules, resources, timeline, more 
I Can Do That! A painless way to find fun facts about DNA, RNA, cells, protein and cloning
A Guided Tour of the Visible Human 
The Heart: An Online Exploration
Human Anatomy Online 
Human Genome Project 
Microbes: The Microbiology Information Portal Grades: 9 and up 
Putting DNA to Work from the Koshland Science Museum 
Reconstructors Travel into the future (23rd century) and solve medical mysteries from the past!



Bullying  Grades: All ages; A collection of bullying-related resources.





CareerVoyagers Grades: 9 and up
Changing the Face of Medicine: Women Physicians Grades: 6 and up; Resources, career information





Periodic Table of the Elements Grades: All; Interactive; From Los Alamos National Laboratory.




Smithsonian Kids Collecting



Coloring Pages


Black Dog's Online Coloring Book

Jan Brett Coloring pages, activities, more 
Print and Go Coloring Pages from National Geographic



Merriam-Webster Word Central Dictionary and more! 
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesarus 
OneLook Dictionaries 
A Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms 
Your Dictionary Dictionary links/look Up





Digging Up Dinosaurs 

Dino Directory A guide to 127 of the most well-described dinosaurs, including over 600 images
DinoData: Dino Kids 
Dinosaur Treks A Webquest Mystery 
The Dinosauria: Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Information, links, myths, more
The Dinosauricon Devoted to dinosaur information and illustration 
Download a Dinosaur Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download 
Finding the World's First Dinosaur Skeleton 
Walking with Dinosaurs Games, information, screensavers, more 
Zooish Dinosaur Den



Earth Science


American Field Guide Video clips and information about ecosystems, earth and space, plants, and more. 
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky 
Grades: 6 and up
Cool Cosmos Cosmic fun and games. 
Earth Science Explorer

Live Weather Images 
Ocean Themed WebQuests 
Volcano World



EcoSystems and Ecology


American Field Guide Video clips and information about ecosystems, earth and space, plants, and more. 
Biomes and Ecosystems 
Bryant Creek Watershed Atlas Grades: All
Desert Life in the American Southwest 
The Everglades Ecosystem
Wonders of the Seas

Encyclopedias and Almanacs


Baseball Almanac 
e-encyclopedia An extension of DK's e-encylopedia book. It guides the reader to helpful and appropriate sites on the internet.



General Sites


Brain Teasers 
Building Big Explore large structures and what it takes to build them; Companion to the PBS series 
Consumer Reports for Kids 
Dewey Browse Find sites based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System
 Global, non-commercial, virtual, user-owned organization in Norway 
Kids-Space Introduction to the internet; creative activities; communication activities 
Nick Jr. From Nickelodian 
Time for Kids






Greatest Places Explore places, try activities, ask questions and more! Make interactive maps within your web browser!
National Geographic for Kids





Bones: An Exhibit Inside You 
It's My Life
 Empowering children to make healthy choices for the environment, and for themselves Ddoctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence
Powerful Bones Powerful Girls Lots of information on how to take care of your bones



History and Social Studies


American Centuries: View from New England 
Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids Learning tools for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. 
The Black Inventor Online Museum Grades: 5 and up 
Digital History 
Federal Court Concepts 
The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI) A unique Web site, using humor, storytelling, and oddball characters to help kids ages 8-13 learn about places and cultures around the world. 
Greatest Places 
Hercules: Greece's Greatest Hero 
Learning About the Holocaust 
Ice Treasures of the Incas 
Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies 
Mughal India 
Slaves' Stories 
Study of Place: Antarctic Exploration Grades: 6-8; online module 
This Day in History From the History Channel 
Titanic, Destination: Cyberspace 
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time A Thinkquest Project 
Web Rangers! Solve mysteries, play games and live the stories - tons of fun activities to enjoy!
XPeditions Activities from National Geographic



Holidays on the Net: Celebrate!


Holidays on the Net. Provides information about each holiday, links, and more.



Homework Help


Homework Spot Resources. Help.



Internet Surfing and Safety


Little Clickers Safe, fun internet explorations for children 



Language Arts and Writing (See Reading below)


A Game A Day Educational word games; Grades 3 and up 
A Guide to Writing a Basic Essay 
djectives Game 
"Read all about it!" is a game where you'll use adjectives to make more interesting sentences. Are you ready to play? 
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun Games to enjoy while increasing your vocabulary! 
Literature Based WebQuests Award winning webquests 
Merlyn's Pen Fiction, essays, and poems by America's teens. Submit your writing!
OWL Online Writing Lab. Fabulous resource!
Poetry Express Guides you through 15 poems you can write 
Spelling Test Take tests on the 50 most commonly misspelled words 
Surviving Dickens' London (Flash game; Dare you take a tour of Dickensian London?)
Writing Den  Designed for students Grades 6 through 12 seeking to improve their English reading, comprehension, and writing skills





AAA Math Hundreds of pages of basic math skills; interactive pages 
A Creative Encounter of the Numerical Kind Grades: 6-8
A Plus Math Improve your math skills interactively 
Coolmath An amusement park of math designed for fun 
Cyberchase Chock full of games, online stories, free stuff, and of course, MATH! 
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families 
Interactive Mathematics Grades 8 and up; interactive tutorials 
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles 
Learning Math: Geometry Grades K-8; Interactive activites, more 
Math Cats Games, activities, more 
Math League Help Topics Grades: 4-8 
The Mint 
Mudd Math Fun Facts Grades: 10 and up 
Math Playground Grades: K-6; Math games, puzzles, word games, more
Multiflyer Grades: 2-6; A game for anyone trying to learn multiplication



Media Literacy

Don't Buy It! (PBS)



Museums Online


The Grandeur of Viceregal Mexico 
American Centuries: View from New England Memorial Hall Museum Online 
National Gallery of Art for Kids




Kids News from National Geographic 
Turner Learning





Between the Lions Stories, games, printables, songs, and more. Exceptional site. 
Book Adventure Books lists and more. 
Book Hive A guide to children's literature and books 
Guy's Read Are you a guy? Looking for something to read? Go here. 
Stories from the Web If you like books and stories, come on in!



Reference: General Sites A comprehensive, searchable reference
Consumer Reports for Kids 
Don't Buy It! Get Media Smart 
FactMonster Games, quizzes, references, activities.
FirstGov for Kids 
The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI) A unique Web site, using humor, storytelling, and oddball characters to help kids ages 8-13 learn about places and cultures around the world. 
How Stuff Works The name says it all. 
Kid's Click Web search for kids by librarians (using the Dewey Decimal System).
Kid's Corner Fact Finder from the U.S. Census Bureau. All ages. 
Strange Matter Discover the secrets of everyday stuff! 
World Almanac for Kids Online



Science: General Sites


American Field Guide Video clips and information about ecosystems, earth and space, plants, and more. 
Atoms Family 
Beakman and Jax Interactive demos, quizzes, information, more 
Changing the Face of Medicine: Women Physicians Grades: 6 and up; Resources, games, more 
ChemiCool Periodic Table
EIA's Kids Page: Energy 
Energy Quest 
Energy Quest: Super Scientists Brief biographies and resources 
Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception 
Forensics in the Classroom Grades: 9 and up 
The Franklin Institute Online 
Lawrence Hall of Science Play online games, download activities, and more 
National Geographic for Kids 
Playing with Time Movies which show things sped up (building being constructed) or slowed down (a blink of an eye); activities 
Rockets Away! Exploring the science of rocketry 
Rough Science Grades: 6 and up 
Science Trek: Scientist Profiles Grades 3 and up 
Simply Science Resources, information, "flash bits," and more.
Sodaconstructor Use digital soda straws to construct models
Study of Place Grades 6-8; Two online science modules made especially for middle-school students 
The Why Files: Science Behind the News 
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet



Search Engines

Yahooligans Searchable web guide for kids.



Sports: General Sites

Sports Illustrated for Kids



Television Tie-Ins

Between the Lions Stories, games, printables, songs, and more. Exceptional site. 
bing and bongs tiny planets 
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 

Playhouse Disney 
Sesame Street 





A Creative Encounter of the Numerical Kind Grades: 6-8





Citing Internet Resouces How to 
Kids-Space Introduction to the internet; encourages artistic expression
MidLink Magazine A digital magazine for children ages 8-18

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