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SMS students and families-

It is really important to us that we keep in touch while you are away from campus.  Since we cannot communicate in person like we usually do, we will have to get creative!   Your teachers have updated their websites with several online resources and digital learning tools.  Many of your classes use these activities often so this is really just a continuation of your learning.  To help organize the information, we will be posting weekly goals for each grade level with specific instructions for each class on the SMS website under the school closure/blended learning tab.  We've also listed several helpful resources and reminders on the homepage.


​This is new for all of us.  I know, you may be feeling worried or confused.  It’s ok, we are going to figure it out together.  You have worked so hard this year and we have seen you grow so much academically.  You have already proven your knowledge and ability to us.  We know you can do this work!  Hang in there and stay motivated.  You can always e-mail us with questions.  Please complete the weekly check-in surveys to help us keep up with how you are doing, what is going on, and how we can help you continue learning while we are away from school.